Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beware I am Profane! but I am NOT Fake News!

Sacredly Profane

I am sacred because I am sharing the good news of universal spirituality, and hope in this post apocalyptic world.
I am profane because the message is coming from a broken sinful person who was once a pastor, but has also been kicked out of two churches and caused a church split in another. I have been church free now for over seven years and my faith has never been stronger.
My intentions are to share the good news of commonsense spirituality(The Triangularity ▲), and to share my oblique perspective of Christianity that will bring hope to those disillusioned by religion, and for those that are spiritually homeless, or have a deconstructed faith.
Hi I’m Mars. I am 46, and I have been married to my wife Karen for almost 28 years. I have four grown kids, and I work full-time in medical. I am also a trained studio artist and print maker, and I am also an insatiable polymath.- I am addicted to learning anything uniquely esoteric. 

This is me and my beautiful wife Karen today!

This is Karen & I in our 80s punk rock glory. We met when we were 15, and have never been apart!

My faith journey: 30 years ago I transformed from a punk rock atheist into a radically saved punk rock charismatic Christian. I followed my call to be in the ministry all the way to almost enrolling into bible college, but luckily went to art school instead. I did almost everything in church from being a youth pastor, playing guitar in worship alongside my wife who was a worship leader, an associate pastor, homeless shelter evangelist, and started my own Beer in Bible ministry in a local bar.
This is me 'freshly' saved. Even though this was a small country church, they accepted the way I dressed. My guitar was pagan though... I still love JFA. 
This is propaganda evidence from our Sacred Cow Beer & Bible. We met at Leon's Saloon in Longview, Tx. This personal ministry was the catalyst to a church split.

I am now unchurched. I am not anti-church I just don’t believe that it is mandatory, and I am not a fraternity/club kind of person. If I were to wear a label, I guess I would be called a Christian Universalist. I don’t believe in hell, and I believe that all people are God’s children and will eventually return to Him in heaven. This may sound kind of heretical, but I have been struggling with these beliefs for 30 years, and I am confident in my conclusions. I feel I now have a message of hope for all people to embrace their own spirituality, and through doing so may find peace with God.
I consider myself a spiritual researcher. I have no plans on starting a cult, becoming a pastor, or starting my own religion. I want to share my philosophies on spirituality to encourage those that feel they have no spirituality, and to enlighten those involved in dead religion.
BUT… this is a truth seeking journey. I live within a question. I love learning from others, and investigate new ideas. Curiosity is a virtue; I would love to meet others on their spiritual journey.
Message me on any of the socials: @mars_eve or email me: profane.me@gmail.com
Cheers! -Mars

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The First Bank Church of America

Churches are benign; they are neither good nor bad; it's what you do with them that counts.

 Churches are like banks. They are historical institutions that people trust with their money. Like banks they are woven into the tapestry of society. Churches serve the public need by offering fraternity/community, education, local aid, and moral awareness.

OK here comes the anti-religious rant!
- NOPE, Not this time…

If I was writing this several years ago, I would be ranting about corrupt theology, tithing, spiritual abuse, and the lack of scriptural basis(well, I guess I still unethically snuck in a mini rant).

BUT, Love must come first!

I already shared in another post that there are only two commandments: love God and love everyone else… These two laws supersede all other laws including my right to be correct about church theology.

God confounds the wise of this world by using the foolish, that includes me, that includes church.

+ I have learned that God has not called me to minister to the church, but to bring the good news of spirituality to those that would never ever enter the church.

One third of Americans don't use banks. One third of Americans go to church.
Hmmm? Anyway…

There are people that don't believe in banks. These people either don't trust banks, or they are too poor. Either way, whenever these people talk about not using banks and hiding the money under their mattress, it sounds a little crazy. 

I am crazy too! I realized that people looked at me the same way whenever I talked about not trusting church, or tried to build a case about bad theology. Most people don't care. Most people already know that the church is not spiritual, but that's not why they go.

FOCUS on the two thirds that don't go to church!

The good news is everyone is a child of God. Everyone is spiritual. We don't have to be religious to experience God. We don't have to go to church to find forgiveness.

Are you still pissed off about a church that has hurt you? Let it go! 
Rise above and find something encouraging to do with the two thirds of Americans that don't go to church.

Cheers, Mars

Do you still go to church, or are you unchurched?
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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Triangularity: Your Spiritual Advantage

Do you feel lost in life without a purpose?
Does it seem that no matter how much self-improvement you do, you're still a failure and unsatisfied in life?
Have you always felt like you're a spiritual person, but religion says that you are a bad person?

This is my introduction to my new philosophy framework that reveals your spirituality, and how to bring stability and balance to your entire life.

There are many systems to help you maximize your potential, but this unique model will explore strengths and weaknesses in the three key areas of your life, including your spirituality – your advantage.

This is a religion-less system. Even the idea of God is not a variable in the main model.  Religion has had the monopoly on spirituality until now.

We are all a trinity:
🙂 the visible self – your physical DNA, body
☁️ the invisible self – your invisible DNA, personality, emotions, intellect
❤️ the spiritual – your relationships

The triangularity is a commonsense approach to spirituality. I try avoid confusing/vague terms such as energy, vibration, feeling, mystical, or supernatural.

Is your life stable?

The model of the triangularity is like a tripod; if one of the legs of the tripod are too long or too short, there is instability. But, whenever we are able to evaluate these three areas, we are able to make adjustments to those areas.

Are you healthy?

Using the framework of the triangularity, we are able to evaluate the three areas of our life. True wholeness comes through healthiness in your body, your mind, and your relationships/spirituality.

How are relationships considered spirituality? I thought spirituality has to do with the spirit world…

The word spirit originates from a word that means breath or wind. Spirituality is just like the wind, you cannot catch it, you cannot see it, but you can feel it.  We can observe the wind by its effects such as the movement of a flag, or leaves in the wind.  Spirituality can only be observed through a relationship. The measurement of spirituality is love.


When a couple are in love, a spiritual bond is formed. This relationship is much more than brain chemicals and infatuation, there's a connection that is deeper. The spiritual bond of love is so strong, a man will murder to protect that bond. The spiritual bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. The spiritual bond between two men that have experienced life and death together as brothers in the military have a bond stronger than blood. These bonds are the evidence of spirituality.

So what if spirituality is relationships? How does that affect me?

From the framework of the triangularity, we can see that one third of your being is relationships. Your happiness is not only determined by the state of your health, or your mindset, but also because of your spiritual connections.

 Poor relationships equal poor spirituality, which equals suffering in 1/3 of your life.

The more self less love you can share in your connections, the more happier and satisfied you will be.

How are your relationships? Are you spiritually poor or spiritually rich?

>Today you can grow your spirituality by showing someone unconditional love.
> Today you can increase your spirituality by serving someone else.
> Today you can strengthen your spirituality by removing poisonous relationships.

Strong and loving relationships are your spiritual advantage.

Cheers, Mars

?? Are you spiritually poor, or spiritually rich? What are you going to do to strengthen your spirituality?
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🤔 upcoming questions answered:
How does God fit into the triangularity?
Is abuse negative spirituality?
What about the metaphysical realm? What about ghosts, angels, and spirits?
How does this philosophy fit with Christianity?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Got a light?

What is the purpose behind this blog?

Sacredly Profane is a behind-the-scenes look of my journey to fulfill the calling of God in my life. At this moment my calling involves sharing my philosophy on 'commonsense spirituality'. < this calling is my light.

This philosophy is expressed in two concepts Sacredism and The Triangularity. Both of these philosophies are humanist but with biblical roots. 

Sacredism: all humans have equal divine worth. Divinity is expressed through all people through art, innovation, and by not giving up. This philosophy originally came to me as an artist, that art in itself is proof of God.

The Triangularity is a philosophical model that reveals a persons spirituality, but also helps in balancing one's life in the areas of your physical health, mental and emotional health, and spiritual health. As a Christian I can easily see that being made in the image of God, I am a Trinity. This is a humanist interpretation of that concept and can be used for stabilizing your life. The Triangularity is a self-help tool.
These philosophies are 100% based on biblical truths.

Why now?
I am hardheaded and stubborn. God has been urging me to speak up. I have been running from my calling and I could feel a 'Jonah and the whale moment' coming(this is when God snatches you out of whatever situation you in, and then violently spits you out to where you need to be. It's just better to listen to God and do what he says the first time!)

I will also be publicly working out my Christian theology. My theology is open source; I welcome criticism and collaboration. 

Ultimate goal? 
Shining light to those in the dark! I like the Gospel of John's consistent use of light and dark. This dichotomy removes personal judgment. It doesn't reflect: saved or unsaved, religious or pagan, sinful or holy. People are lost, and it is simply because they cannot see where to go.

I have 2 sets of lights:

1. I believe that my philosophies of the Triangularity and Sacredism can introduce the unreligious to spiritual truths that bring peace.
People are hungry for spirituality, but are tired of religious Christianity. I think these philosophies can be a great alternative.

2. This blog is an encouragement to those that are spiritually homeless, theologically confused, and find themselves too unique for the church/Christianity to handle!

If you don't fit, if you are a misfit, if you've ever been kicked out of the church, if people say you're crazy, if you feel like if you ever walk into a church the roof would fall in,
You just might be sacredly profane welcome.
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Cheers, Mars
By the way, smoking is bad for your lungs…

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Worst Preacher in the World.

My guilty pleasure is listening to Joel Olsteen. He is actually one of the only Christian speakers I listen to besides Science Mike, Dr. Eric Thomas, and Peter Rollins

Joel almost has a Trump effect, people from both sides can't stand him… Non-Christians think he is a goof, and Christians think he is preaching self-help and not the Bible.

1. He is a goof!
2. He doesn't preach self-help, he preaches good news. What? You mean the Gospel? That's unheard of…

His gift is happiness. We all need a double shot of that!

I don't care if you listen to him or not. But I do care about what goes into your ears.

>You need to go on an information diet.

We all know gossip is bad… But do you still watch cable news? That is gossip on a global scale. Stop it.

Vitamins? Find some positive sources of inspiration that will inform, encourage, and strengthen you.

Consume art. Read good fiction, go to a museum, or get your guitar out and compose your own music.

“The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.” 
― William Blake

 “The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity... and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees.” 
― William Blake

> The best preacher?

Encourage someone today. Share a good story. Make someone laugh.
-that is Gospel

Cheers, Mars

-what are your favorite sources of inspiration?
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Friday, June 3, 2016

What is Sacredly Profane?

Sacred Today

Why the name Sacredly Profane?

1. I don't church well.

I have been kicked out of 2 churches, and unintentionally caused a church split. 

I started a Beer & Bible ministry in an East Texas bar.

2. My beliefs are unChristiany.

I cannot consider myself as a mainstream Christian; I will not associate myself with those that hate gays, mix politics & religion, tax through tithing, preach the myth of hell, or require that you attend church.

Like Jesus, I am pro-human! Everyone is God's child.

I no longer see people as either saved or sinner. All people are divine in that they are the image of God. 

I don't go to church to experience God, I find Him in His children(humans). To find the wisdom of God, I turn to those that were created in His image. To see God's beauty & mystery, I enjoy the arts. All art is divine, yes, even the profane arts.....

All humans are spiritual! 
Religion no longer has the monopoly on spirituality!

3. I am a rebellious truth seeker.

I live within a question. My curiosity drives me to find the truth, regardless of the consequences to my own belief systems.

In my maturity, I am learning to be strategic in sharing of these truths. There are some people that are not ready for the truth, and it can be devastating.

> for those of us that feel like we are truth keepers, we have to be willing to give up the right to be right. The truth can be used as a weapon to hurt people, and wisdom is needed to know when to share it.

We must always take the highroad, even though sometimes it is damn lonely.

4. It is a filter.

With a name like Sacredly Profane, some people will be turned away, and that is OK! If people get confused or offended by what I say, it's probably because they didn't pay attention to the name of the group.

I want to hear your story. You can post your story in the Facebook group at http://profane.me
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