Got a light?

What is the purpose behind this blog?

Sacredly Profane is a behind-the-scenes look of my journey to fulfill the calling of God in my life. At this moment my calling involves sharing my philosophy on 'commonsense spirituality'. < this calling is my light.

This philosophy is expressed in two concepts Sacredism and The Triangularity. Both of these philosophies are humanist but with biblical roots. 

Sacredism: all humans have equal divine worth. Divinity is expressed through all people through art, innovation, and by not giving up. This philosophy originally came to me as an artist, that art in itself is proof of God.

The Triangularity is a philosophical model that reveals a persons spirituality, but also helps in balancing one's life in the areas of your physical health, mental and emotional health, and spiritual health. As a Christian I can easily see that being made in the image of God, I am a Trinity. This is a humanist interpretation of that concept and can be used for stabilizing your life. The Triangularity is a self-help tool.
These philosophies are 100% based on biblical truths.

Why now?
I am hardheaded and stubborn. God has been urging me to speak up. I have been running from my calling and I could feel a 'Jonah and the whale moment' coming(this is when God snatches you out of whatever situation you in, and then violently spits you out to where you need to be. It's just better to listen to God and do what he says the first time!)

I will also be publicly working out my Christian theology. My theology is open source; I welcome criticism and collaboration. 

Ultimate goal? 
Shining light to those in the dark! I like the Gospel of John's consistent use of light and dark. This dichotomy removes personal judgment. It doesn't reflect: saved or unsaved, religious or pagan, sinful or holy. People are lost, and it is simply because they cannot see where to go.

I have 2 sets of lights:

1. I believe that my philosophies of the Triangularity and Sacredism can introduce the unreligious to spiritual truths that bring peace.
People are hungry for spirituality, but are tired of religious Christianity. I think these philosophies can be a great alternative.

2. This blog is an encouragement to those that are spiritually homeless, theologically confused, and find themselves too unique for the church/Christianity to handle!

If you don't fit, if you are a misfit, if you've ever been kicked out of the church, if people say you're crazy, if you feel like if you ever walk into a church the roof would fall in,
You just might be sacredly profane welcome.
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Cheers, Mars
By the way, smoking is bad for your lungs…

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