The First Bank Church of America

Churches are benign; they are neither good nor bad; it's what you do with them that counts.

 Churches are like banks. They are historical institutions that people trust with their money. Like banks they are woven into the tapestry of society. Churches serve the public need by offering fraternity/community, education, local aid, and moral awareness.

OK here comes the anti-religious rant!
- NOPE, Not this time…

If I was writing this several years ago, I would be ranting about corrupt theology, tithing, spiritual abuse, and the lack of scriptural basis(well, I guess I still unethically snuck in a mini rant).

BUT, Love must come first!

I already shared in another post that there are only two commandments: love God and love everyone else… These two laws supersede all other laws including my right to be correct about church theology.

God confounds the wise of this world by using the foolish, that includes me, that includes church.

+ I have learned that God has not called me to minister to the church, but to bring the good news of spirituality to those that would never ever enter the church.

One third of Americans don't use banks. One third of Americans go to church.
Hmmm? Anyway…

There are people that don't believe in banks. These people either don't trust banks, or they are too poor. Either way, whenever these people talk about not using banks and hiding the money under their mattress, it sounds a little crazy. 

I am crazy too! I realized that people looked at me the same way whenever I talked about not trusting church, or tried to build a case about bad theology. Most people don't care. Most people already know that the church is not spiritual, but that's not why they go.

FOCUS on the two thirds that don't go to church!

The good news is everyone is a child of God. Everyone is spiritual. We don't have to be religious to experience God. We don't have to go to church to find forgiveness.

Are you still pissed off about a church that has hurt you? Let it go! 
Rise above and find something encouraging to do with the two thirds of Americans that don't go to church.

Cheers, Mars

Do you still go to church, or are you unchurched?
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