The Triangularity: Your Spiritual Advantage

Do you feel lost in life without a purpose?
Does it seem that no matter how much self-improvement you do, you're still a failure and unsatisfied in life?
Have you always felt like you're a spiritual person, but religion says that you are a bad person?

This is my introduction to my new philosophy framework that reveals your spirituality, and how to bring stability and balance to your entire life.

There are many systems to help you maximize your potential, but this unique model will explore strengths and weaknesses in the three key areas of your life, including your spirituality – your advantage.

This is a religion-less system. Even the idea of God is not a variable in the main model.  Religion has had the monopoly on spirituality until now.

We are all a trinity:
🙂 the visible self – your physical DNA, body
☁️ the invisible self – your invisible DNA, personality, emotions, intellect
❤️ the spiritual – your relationships

The triangularity is a commonsense approach to spirituality. I try avoid confusing/vague terms such as energy, vibration, feeling, mystical, or supernatural.

Is your life stable?

The model of the triangularity is like a tripod; if one of the legs of the tripod are too long or too short, there is instability. But, whenever we are able to evaluate these three areas, we are able to make adjustments to those areas.

Are you healthy?

Using the framework of the triangularity, we are able to evaluate the three areas of our life. True wholeness comes through healthiness in your body, your mind, and your relationships/spirituality.

How are relationships considered spirituality? I thought spirituality has to do with the spirit world…

The word spirit originates from a word that means breath or wind. Spirituality is just like the wind, you cannot catch it, you cannot see it, but you can feel it.  We can observe the wind by its effects such as the movement of a flag, or leaves in the wind.  Spirituality can only be observed through a relationship. The measurement of spirituality is love.


When a couple are in love, a spiritual bond is formed. This relationship is much more than brain chemicals and infatuation, there's a connection that is deeper. The spiritual bond of love is so strong, a man will murder to protect that bond. The spiritual bond between a mother and child is unbreakable. The spiritual bond between two men that have experienced life and death together as brothers in the military have a bond stronger than blood. These bonds are the evidence of spirituality.

So what if spirituality is relationships? How does that affect me?

From the framework of the triangularity, we can see that one third of your being is relationships. Your happiness is not only determined by the state of your health, or your mindset, but also because of your spiritual connections.

 Poor relationships equal poor spirituality, which equals suffering in 1/3 of your life.

The more self less love you can share in your connections, the more happier and satisfied you will be.

How are your relationships? Are you spiritually poor or spiritually rich?

>Today you can grow your spirituality by showing someone unconditional love.
> Today you can increase your spirituality by serving someone else.
> Today you can strengthen your spirituality by removing poisonous relationships.

Strong and loving relationships are your spiritual advantage.

Cheers, Mars

?? Are you spiritually poor, or spiritually rich? What are you going to do to strengthen your spirituality?
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🤔 upcoming questions answered:
How does God fit into the triangularity?
Is abuse negative spirituality?
What about the metaphysical realm? What about ghosts, angels, and spirits?
How does this philosophy fit with Christianity?

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