What is Sacredly Profane?

Sacred Today

Why the name Sacredly Profane?

1. I don't church well.

I have been kicked out of 2 churches, and unintentionally caused a church split. 

I started a Beer & Bible ministry in an East Texas bar.

2. My beliefs are unChristiany.

I cannot consider myself as a mainstream Christian; I will not associate myself with those that hate gays, mix politics & religion, tax through tithing, preach the myth of hell, or require that you attend church.

Like Jesus, I am pro-human! Everyone is God's child.

I no longer see people as either saved or sinner. All people are divine in that they are the image of God. 

I don't go to church to experience God, I find Him in His children(humans). To find the wisdom of God, I turn to those that were created in His image. To see God's beauty & mystery, I enjoy the arts. All art is divine, yes, even the profane arts.....

All humans are spiritual! 
Religion no longer has the monopoly on spirituality!

3. I am a rebellious truth seeker.

I live within a question. My curiosity drives me to find the truth, regardless of the consequences to my own belief systems.

In my maturity, I am learning to be strategic in sharing of these truths. There are some people that are not ready for the truth, and it can be devastating.

> for those of us that feel like we are truth keepers, we have to be willing to give up the right to be right. The truth can be used as a weapon to hurt people, and wisdom is needed to know when to share it.

We must always take the highroad, even though sometimes it is damn lonely.

4. It is a filter.

With a name like Sacredly Profane, some people will be turned away, and that is OK! If people get confused or offended by what I say, it's probably because they didn't pay attention to the name of the group.

I want to hear your story. You can post your story in the Facebook group at http://profane.me
Or email me profane.me@gmail.com


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