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Sacredly Profane

I am sacred because I am sharing the good news of universal spirituality, and hope in this post apocalyptic world.
I am profane because the message is coming from a broken sinful person who was once a pastor, but has also been kicked out of two churches and caused a church split in another. I have been church free now for over seven years and my faith has never been stronger.
My intentions are to share the good news of commonsense spirituality(The Triangularity ▲), and to share my oblique perspective of Christianity that will bring hope to those disillusioned by religion, and for those that are spiritually homeless, or have a deconstructed faith.
Hi I’m Mars. I am 46, and I have been married to my wife Karen for almost 28 years. I have four grown kids, and I work full-time in medical. I am also a trained studio artist and print maker, and I am also an insatiable polymath.- I am addicted to learning anything uniquely esoteric.

This is me and my beautiful wife Karen today!

This is Karen & I in our 80s punk rock glory. We met when we were 15, and have never been apart!
My faith journey: 30 years ago I transformed from a punk rock atheist into a radically saved punk rock charismatic Christian. I followed my call to be in the ministry all the way to almost enrolling into bible college, but luckily went to art school instead. I did almost everything in church from being a youth pastor, playing guitar in worship alongside my wife who was a worship leader, an associate pastor, homeless shelter evangelist, and started my own Beer in Bible ministry in a local bar.
This is me 'freshly' saved. Even though this was a small country church, they accepted the way I dressed. My guitar was pagan though... I still love JFA. 

This is propaganda evidence from our Sacred Cow Beer & Bible. We met at Leon's Saloon in Longview, Tx. This personal ministry was the catalyst to a church split.
I am now unchurched. I am not anti-church I just don’t believe that it is mandatory, and I am not a fraternity/club kind of person. If I were to wear a label, I guess I would be called a Christian Universalist. I don’t believe in hell, and I believe that all people are God’s children and will eventually return to Him in heaven. This may sound kind of heretical, but I have been struggling with these beliefs for 30 years, and I am confident in my conclusions. I feel I now have a message of hope for all people to embrace their own spirituality, and through doing so may find peace with God.
I consider myself a spiritual researcher. I have no plans on starting a cult, becoming a pastor, or starting my own religion. I want to share my philosophies on spirituality to encourage those that feel they have no spirituality, and to enlighten those involved in dead religion.
BUT… this is a truth seeking journey. I live within a question. I love learning from others, and investigate new ideas. Curiosity is a virtue; I would love to meet others on their spiritual journey.
Message me on any of the socials: @mars_eve or email me: profane.me@gmail.com
Cheers! -Mars

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